Our program would not be possible without the hard work of our youth group. Our youth reporters are the backbone of our organization.

Every cycle (fall, spring, and summer), We’Ced engages 12-15 young people, ages 14-24, who come from a variety of different backgrounds. While most youth reporters are of high school age, we have worked with youth as young as 13 and recent college graduates.

Recruitment occurs via outreach to Golden Valley, Yosemite, and Merced high schools, and word of mouth.

Reporters meets twice a week, participate in multiple community forums every month, and are assigned special reporting beats. On average, youth reporters produce around 30 stories every cycle.


Meet our Fall 2016 Youth Reporter Cohort!


  • Cassandra Avitia, 18
  • Jeremiah Castillo, 13 ( Guest Contributor)
  • Cheyenne Chaddock, 18
  • Jesus Dominguez, 17
  • Maria Dominguez, 16
  • Victor Estrada, 18
  • Aaliyah Lannerd, 16
  • Nate Lopez, 22
  • David Macias, 18
  • Layla Ornelas, 15
  • Nisa Salazar, 18
  • Victor Seguin, 17