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Second Chances are the key to stopping Mass Incarceration.

Posted  July 30, 2016  by  We'Ced

My uncle was incarcerated at the age of 14 and he has never come back home. A crime landed him in the prison system right after he was released from Y.A.

This is the reality of so many young people, and we are not doing enough to change this.

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We’Ced Weighs in: #BlackLivesMatter & Police Brutality

Posted  July 21, 2016  by  We'Ced

The Black Lives Matter movement is important because it is giving a voice to people who have been oppressed, marginalized, and silenced for too long. Enough is enough. It’s time for the ‘Blue Wall of Silence’ to be torn down. This wall is what enables police brutality

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Guadalupe Reyes, far right, poses with a group of young woman from Merced and Richmond at the Sisterhood Rising camp.

Becoming a Womyn: My Experience at Sisterhood Rising

Posted  July 19, 2016  by  We'Ced

At camp, I wasn’t just given a definition of “woman” to absorb. I learned that being a “womyn” (as opposed to a wo-MAN) is about how I define myself, not how society defines me. Being a womyn is about taking charge of your own life.

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Dear Mom, I Need You

Posted  June 30, 2016  by  We'Ced

I believe no child should grow up feeling unwanted, unsupported,or rejected by a parent. I do not want any person to go through what I have endured in my lifetime. I’ve known my entire life that I am different, and I’ve accepted it, but knowing my mom does not has really hurt me.

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Undocumented America: What Lies Ahead

Posted  June 29, 2016  by  We'Ced

Unresponsive at first, the full impact of the decision settled in and I was devastated. I sat down and watched Univision — they were interviewing all of the disappointed parents and Dreamers. Seeing their heartbroken faces and frustrations hit me hard. It was another blow for immigration activists. One of many received over the years.

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