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My President will Never be Orange

Posted  January 21, 2017  by  We'Ced

Your President makes me feel sick, he wants to deport us.

And if you want to support him, and let him ignore us

And say he’s the greatest, when he’s the biggest misogynist

We can no longer be friends, please understand this

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Community Roundtable Puts Spotlight on Scams Targeting Valley Communities

Posted  January 19, 2017  by  Hannah Esqueda

While anyone can fall prey to a scam artist, officials say immigrant, low-income and minority communities in the Central San Joaquin Valley are among the most frequently targeted by fraud. Language barriers and unfamiliarity with the U.S. government make them attractive targets for would-be scammers.

Undocumented communities are especially vulnerable, with fears of deportation preventing victims from interacting with authorities.

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Covering hate crimes in an increasingly toxic political world

Posted  January 19, 2017  by  We'Ced

Reporters can help fill the gap in hate crime reporting through coverage of local incidents in their communities, said A.C. Thompson, award-winning investigative journalist with ProPublica. The nonprofit news outlet is working to establish a mapping database to record incidents of hate crimes across the country.

“We’re trying to add another layer of information to what’s out there,” he said. “People around the country can report hate crime incidents and hate bias.”

For those reporting on hate crimes in local communities, Thompson recommends straddling the line between sympathy and skepticism towards victims.

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Merced Congregations to Offer Sanctuary

Posted  December 29, 2016  by  We'Ced

“The idea of churches acting as a sanctuary or place of refuge for those in need has been around for a very long time,” she said. “Many churches began offering sanctuary to the undocumented in the 1980s and we’ve seen another resurgence since 2014.”

While Gallardo and other Faith in the Valley organizers acknowledge there is some risk involved for churches offering sanctuary to the undocumented, the odds have historically been in the congregation’s favor. Over the last 40 years, no church has been prosecuted for offering sanctuary to the undocumented, Gallardo said.

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YouthWire Weighs In: Holiday Wishes

Posted  December 22, 2016  by  We'Ced

All I want for the New Year is for us to put resentment behind us. I hold a lot of anger towards people within my community, school and neighborhood and I would like to try and let go of some of it. That is my holiday wish.

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