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Crushed Hopes and Empty Chairs: A Letter to Merced Law Enforcement Officials

Posted  October 27, 2016  by  We'Ced

I understand officials have lives of their own or may have pre-scheduled events, but notifying the community of your absence would be the respectful thing to do, especially when you claim to want to be transparent with the community.

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Q&A: Prop. 57 Offers Promise of ‘Hope and Opportunity’ to CA Youth

Posted  October 24, 2016  by  Claudia J. Gonzalez

There is nothing “soft” about giving judges the discretion to make decisions. It is fair. Prosecutors have a problem with losing their power, which is why they are so opposed to this bill. Too much power in the hands of prosecutors is not a good thing. Additionally, prosecutors generally do not have any insight when it comes to rehabilitation. If judges have discretion, sentencing would look a lot different because they are not solely focused on convictions like prosecutors are.

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Reality in Fiction: Q&A with the Director and Cast of Lupe Bajo el Sol

Posted  October 21, 2016  by  Hannah Esqueda

This weekend documentary filmmaker Rodrigo Reyes will premiere his film “Lupe Bajo el Sol (Lupe Under the Sun)” to a hometown audience in Merced. Inspired by tales of his own grandfather’s life as a migrant farmworker, the movie tells the story of an aging agricultural worker living in the Central San Joaquin Valley.

Merced County residents and real-life couple Daniel and Ana Muratalla star as ‘Lupe’ and his onscreen girlfriend ‘Gloria.

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Leslie Renteria, left, poses with one of her mentors at a youth organizing event.

Raising her political voice, even without the right to vote

Posted  October 19, 2016  by  Hannah Esqueda

Renteria has been working with Students Advocating Law and Education (SALE), a UC Merced group comprised of undocumented students and allies that has been promoting voter registration on campus this fall. A week of registration and voter education events are planned for Oct. 18 through 21, in the lead up to California’s deadline on Oct. 24.

“Many of the students I talk to know there are undocumented people, but they just don’t know there are undocumented students,” she says. “Once you find a way to relate it to them though, it’s easier for them to understand the importance [of the issue] and pay attention.”

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In Stockton, Green Spaces Critical for Health of Young People

Posted  October 19, 2016  by  We'Ced

The opportunity for recreation and community cohesiveness is powerful for public safety. By giving our children a place to stay out of trouble and by adding more eyes on the street, parks help keep communities safe and connected. Our organization, Fathers & Families of San Joaquin (FFSJ), has seen the comprehensive benefits parks provide and has become a champion for parks in Stockton and throughout California.

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