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Do You Know Your Father?

Posted  May 25, 2016  by  We'Ced

Without a father figure I felt lost. I resorted to the street. Many young teens are in the same situation I’m in. Some go even deeper by turning to gangs for guidance.

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Fidel Cervantes, 24, is the youngest person running for a county seat.

Always Willing to Fight for What’s Right: A Q&A with Fidel Cervantes

Posted  May 23, 2016  by  We'Ced

I have confidence in my ability to do it. If you are really going to change something, you need to take action yourself. Don’t sell yourself short, don’t think because of your age or ethnicity that you can’t, you can.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.40.26 AM

Building a Powerful Youth Council in Merced

Posted  May 23, 2016  by  We'Ced

The youth of Merced deserve and need opportunities to voice their opinions.

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Staying Body Positive in Merced

Posted  May 11, 2016  by  We'Ced

Such behavior reinforces what we are bombarded with on streets and in stores everyday. Ads showing what both women and men “should aspire” to look like in order to be accepted and loved by others. These images of tall, thin, tan, women and chiseled men are photoshopped to false perfection and then shown to potential consumers who pay companies billions to try and look like what they see.

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Mental Health

Helping Young People Learn to Grieve

Posted  May 5, 2016  by  We'Ced

I also thought that the minimal anticipatory grief I had allowed myself to experience, when he was battling cancer, was sufficient. ‘I should be done. These tears are helping no one,’ I thought. But I simply wasn’t “done” and squelching my tears only allowed the depression to surface in more sinister ways. I couldn’t fall asleep, I would spend days eating only sweets, and, most damaging of all, I felt utterly alone.

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